Become a Syndicate Partner

Optimize research operations, improve automotive UX, and set your brand apart with access to the industry’s first ever naturalistic driving research syndicate, capturing real-world in-cabin video data of user behaviors as they complete key tasks with emerging auto technologies.

Our initial study will focus on data collection, analysis, top to bottom rankings, scoring, and published results across the top Intelligent Voice Assistants (IVA) and Infotainment Systems.

The value of being a Syndicate Partner

Real Users

In-Cabin Video Capture

Sliced Video Clips

Driver Surveys

Raw Data Download

Deeper Analysis

Usability Scoring

Satisfaction Scoring

Opportunity Scoring

Critical Task Scoring

Unrivaled Insight

HMI Insights

Distraction Insights

Top to Bottom Rankings

Bug Detection

Exclusive Perks & Pricing

Per-study white paper

Selection of vehicle makes and models

Per-study executive summary

Influence over current and future studies

Key research findings via Pulse Labs analysts

Quarterly meetings to review research insights

IVA & Infotainment data forecast

90 Drivers
3,000+ Research Insights
5,000+ Hours of Video Analyzed
50,000+ Survey Responses
80,000+ Interactions Analyzed