Pulse Labs Benchmark Series:

Standardized UX Insights starting with Automotive

Pulse Labs know there are times when you need a quick read of the competitive landscape. Our Automotive ICC™ Benchmark Series does just that. These are standardized, pre-configured suites of insights around the most important areas of the in-vehicle customer experience.

Benchmarking Gives You a Pulse on the Competitive Landscape

When standardized results will support your needs, our Benchmarking Series is the answer.

Easiest to Activate

As a standardized solution, our Benchmarking Series provides faster insights than even our already fast Custom Research Solutions.

Pre-Launch Intelligence

The Pulse Benchmarking Series is the best way to understand the UX experience in a market you're planning on entering in the future.

An Excellent Stage-Setter

Pulse Labs Benchmarking Series is one of best ways to inform custom research with Pulse by, for example, understanding best in class.

Cost Effective

As an off-the-shelf insights solution with pre-set CUJs (consumer user journeys), one set of set-up costs are spread over multiple deliverables.

Accessible and Flexible

Like Pulse Labs' Custom Research, insights from our Benchmarking Series on available on-demand in the Pulse Power Portal™.

Industries with a Pulse

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