Pulse Labs Custom Research:

Tailored Insights for Your Most Pressing Decisions

Pulse Labs Custom Research provides insights dictated by the specific needs of our clients. And those results are proprietary to provide a competitive advantage.

Custom Research is the Surgical Approach

Pulse Labs Custom Research is the focused and surgical way to focus on the most important UX decisions for your business.

Proprietary Insights

Insights from Pulse Labs Custom Research are the most powerful because they’re tailored to your unique needs and give you the very best competitive edge.

Speed to Decisions

Pulse Labs' unique approach means even our Custom Research insights are delivered quickly--in weeks not months--and accessible on demand via our Power Portal™.

Return on Investment

Pulse Labs knows ROI is at the forefront of business. Our Custom Research ensures the optimal ROI because the insights are built directly on your specific business needs.

Unmatched Expertise Makes Pulse the Right Choice

Pulse Labs combined expertise in UX research, Human Factors insights, advanced analytics and industry savvy is unmatched.


Pulse Labs Custom Research is by definition configurable. That includes which UX elements you include, the competitive set, time in field, and the number of consumers.

Industries with a Pulse

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