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What our clients have to say

“We get quality results from Pulse Labs that offer new insights for us and our clients - helping us make important decisions. Our work with them has involved both the validation of product ideas, and the verification of product readiness. They've offered exemplary service, and have always helped us solve problems with a flexible and creative approach. Pulse Labs makes things work, adapting to our needs - it's one of the reasons we keep coming back.”

Matthew Calamatta

Chief Technology Officer, Matchbox Mobile

“Thank you for all of the work you do. It’s really, really valuable to know we can rely on someone for the piece of the puzzle that we don’t have in house. It’s great to have confidence in a partner who does it so well.”

Danielle Frimer

Head of Conversation Design, Xandra

“The Pulse Labs team is top notch. They take what should be a very complicated user testing process and make it seamless. I can’t imagine releasing a voice product without them being part of the process.”

Eric Posen

Principal Product Manager, Atom Tickets

“In preparing the Bamboo Music Alexa Skill for public release, Pulse Labs provided Bamboo Learning with excellent service, support, and both quantitative and qualitative feedback in executing a lart part of our beta program. The team at Pulse Labs is knowlegeable about the Alexa Platform, they provide expert guidance, and are great to work with. Their support is one of the reasons Bamboo Music is so highly rated so highly in the Alexa Skills store on”

Ian Freed

Co-Founder and CEO of Bamboo Learning, former VP of Amazon Devices

“Pulse Labs helped us in preparing our Alexa skill for chronic disease patients. The user experience and accuracy testing they provided was critical in making the skill more usable and engaging for these patients. The outcome was really spectacular. Patients were excited about the new voice-interface at their clinic and providers appreciated the exceptional accuracy of our system. Since then, Pulse Labs has become a key part of our production process.”

Oskar Kiwic, M.D.

President and CEO, Cardio Cube