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This is what people have to say about us

As a panelist for Pulse Labs I feel like I am contributing to the future of customer care. Knowing that voice applications provide a wonderful way for customers to connect and discover products at their pace, really brings me great satisfaction! Providing honest feedback keeps everyone in the loop and creates a total win for the next generation of human-computer interaction.
John M.
The tests are actually really fun and interesting and I love being able to have a say in what works and what doesn’t work with various skills. It is cool to be able to hear about new skills and content before it is released to the public and know that you are potentially impacting the skills by voicing your opinions.
Karla F.
I never feel as though I’m doing work when I’m testing for Pulse Labs. They select tests that are not only relevant to you, but are genuinely enjoyable and a pleasure to take part in. How many places pay you to have your children dancing along to songs with you, pit yourself against others in quiz shows, or trying to survive in a choose your own adventure?
Oliver G.


What do Pulse Labs panelists do?

You will be matched with, and invited to participate in, smart device studies.

  1. Your study invitation will give you details helping you decide if you want to participate. Some studies are shorter (15-60 minutes), others may be multi-day or multi-week.
  2. You will need to read instructions thoroughly before each study and attempt to accomplish tasks.
  3. You will be asked to navigate naturally through an application (often by Alexa or Google Voice Assistant).
  4. You will provide detailed and candid feedback about your experience based on what you think the app did well and how it could be improved.

This feedback is used to make applications better for everyone and is often shared with teams and executives. We appreciate (and pay the most!) when you provide substantive and critical responses while trying your best to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Is this a full time job?

No, being a Pulse Labs panelist is not a full-time job. However, it is a great way to earn some extra spending money!

What do I need to be a panelist?

We’re looking for panelists who are excited about new technologies and eager to give substantive, critical, and constructive feedback on smart devices and applications.

You will need the following:

  1. Access to a laptop or desktop computer with Chrome web browser.Don’t worry, you can install Chrome easily here.
  2. A smart device with Alexa or Google Assistant capability. An Apple iPhone with Alexa or Google Assistant apps downloaded (free) will work as well. If you can talk to your device by saying “Hey Google” or “Alexa”, you can use it for Pulse Labs studies!Smart devices include: smart speakers, smartphones, smart home devices, smart TVs, tablets, e-readers, voice enabled bluetooth headphones, and etc.

How much do studies pay?

Total payments vary from $10 - $600 depending on study duration, complexity, and the quality of your feedback. Shorter studies will pay less ($10 - $50) where longer and more involved studies will pay more ($50 - $100 per week). We also pay bonuses for exceptional feedback!

All studies will be reviewed for quality assurance and we may reduce your payment if you did not follow instructions, attempt all tasks, provide thorough feedback, or complete your study.

How many studies can I take?

Our clients' studies often require specific qualifiers for participation. We’re always working to increase the number of studies available to you. Most Pulse Labs panelists will receive multiple invitations monthly.

Keep an eye on your email for screening surveys and study invitations! You can also log-in with the email and password you use to sign-up to view your Pulse Labs Panelist dashboard.

Act quickly, as studies are open for a limited time and close when the amount of participants needed is reached.

How and when will I be paid?

You will be paid via Paypal after we complete quality assurance review for the study and process payments. This is usually within 2-3 weeks after the study ends.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you will need to create a personal account. Pulse Labs works hard to cover any Paypal fees, however, in rare cases Paypal may take a few cents off of your earnings.

I have more questions. Whom can I talk to?

We’re happy to help! You can reach our support team by using the blue chat bubble. You can also send your questions to