Efficient, accurate, and cost-effective, the Pulse Labs data management and processing platform is built for government and private organizations responsible for efficiently providing the right data to the right people.

The platform follows a “one and done” approach to all its processing, ensuring that effort isn’t duplicated when providing the same data to multiple parties. This is done through a combination of state-of-the-art data management tools and machine learning algorithms that detect and surface when work might be repeated and inform data processing professionals when they have an opportunity to rely on previously processed files.

The platform not only makes work faster, but it also scales as it’s applied within an organization. It gets better as it grows, providing a partner in data processing that is always available, never gets tired, and constantly learns on the job.

Benefits of working with us


Secure Data Storage

All data on the platform is stored using the latest in digital security technology, ensuring your information is safe with us.


Multimedia Flexibility

The platform is equipped to manage any multimedia data format, including video, audio, and text.


Multi-user Collaboration

Files can be easily shared among permissioned users, with precise tracking and identification of the processing tasks each user performs.


Audio/Video Processing

Platform users can quickly locate relevant audio/video files using AI-based identifiers like spoken word identification and voice or facial recognition.


Reporting and Analytics

The platform provides interactive reporting and analytics on data access, work in queues, and team performance, allowing managers to track the efficiency of their team.


Customer Support

Pulse Labs customer support is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions. Onboarding and training are available to all customers on an ongoing basis as they add new users and expand their use cases.

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