Take Pulse Labs ICC™ Along for the Ride

ICC™ knows “a video is worth over 1,000 surveys” Our In-Car-Camera™ (ICC) platform provides the richest humanized views possible of how people engage with their vehicles.

We use machine learning to quickly turn that intelligence into Categorized Behavioral Elements™ (CBE’s) and make those easily accessible via our Power Portal™. Fast, detailed, easy, accessible.

Driver Not in Control

A Pulse Labs ADAS study recorded a safety-related challenge in Tesla Autopilot:

The speed limit was 40mph yet drivers were unable to disengage the 25mph automatic setting.

Frustrating and potentially dangerous, the learning is how drivers tried to adjust. The solution is enhanced options for better driver control. The benefit for rivals is real-world competitive context.


ICC™ Informs the Entire Vehicle Lifecycle with Rich, Humanized Insights

Vehicle Development & Testing

Dealer Sales & Training Materials

Success of OTA Updates

New Tech Competitive Context

Safety & Tech Issue Detection

Dealer Service Guidance

New Rival Competitive Context

Vehicle Vehicle Development & Testing
Vehicle Dealer Sales & Training Materials
Vehicle Success of OTA Updates
Vehicle New Tech Competitive Context
Vehicle Safety & Tech Issue Detection
Vehicle Dealer Service Guidance
Vehicle New Rival Competitive Context
Value of Knowing First

An OEM recently recalled nearly 500k vehicles for a software glitch at an estimated cost of $250M. When OEMS use ICC™ to surface these issues just 10% sooner, potential savings can be $25M or more.

ICC™ is the Antidote for Research Compression

“Research Comression” is the result of rapid-fire technology deployed so quickly that pre-launch research time is compressed. ICC™ is the cure; it’s richer, faster, and humanized. CBE’s™ ensure clear action plans. Our Power Portal™ means quick, easy, and reassuring access.

Faults: the Root of Dissatisfaction

Pulse ICC™ revealed an infotainment fault that survived OEM testing and reached (frustrated) consumers.

Catching and correcting these issues quickly increases customer satisfaction. Retaining loyal customers costs less than conquesting.

ICC™ Reveals Where You Stand in the New World Order of Satisfaction

Your customers will be talking about their experiences: Were they clear or confusing? Delightful or frustrating? Where do your vehicles and tech fall on this spectrum?

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Pulse Labs created a testing platform that gives us a uniquely deep view into our users’ thoughts and behaviors in what has traditionally been one of the hardest places to get naturalistic insights—a moving car.

— Steve Higgins

Head of Google Assistant Auto


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