In-vehicle Experiences

As automotive experiences accelerate, drivers demand high-quality, hands-free features and reliable performance. We can give you access to next level intelligent insights from real drivers for your in-vehicle interactive system. Ensure you’re delivering the seamless ability for drivers to get the digital experiences they need, the entertainment they want, and the ease-of-use that keeps them safe.

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The Benefits of Testing With Us

Authentic Drivers

Receive feedback from drivers in real-life scenarios that are hard to predict in lab environments.

Increase Safety

Carefully gather the qualitative information you need to increase driver safety and reduce distractions by optimizing interactive systems.

Interface Insights

Get insight into your target design and placements in relation to hand positions, text readability, and voice command refinement.

Audio Data Capture

Hear what drivers are saying throughout their driving experience.

Competitive Benchmarking

Gain an independent perspective of how you stack up against your competitors.

Study Duration Options

Run a study on a single drive or across multiple days or weeks of driving activity.

Video Data Capture

View drivers' interactions via video capture of their cars' infotainment screens.

Quality Participants

Access real, diverse drivers across the US or a specific cohort of drivers with our verified and vetted marketplace or bring your own participants.

Testing Materials

We provide the testing materials needed for driver participation including: phone, video recording device, and mounting system.

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