Our Panels

Our Measurement and Testing panels provide critical insights into consumer behavior within the voice ecosystem.

Who are our panelists?

Our panelists act as representatives of larger segments of the population regarding how they use voice technology. Our team has worked to build a highly vetted and diverse group of panelists, from all backgrounds and with varied interests. This allows us to study and understand behavioral trends and gather deep insights into consumer behavior on voice technology.

Our panel provides an accurate view into the spectrum of voice users — be they audio streamers, shopping list makers, gamers, or home automators. These insights cannot be matched by self-reporting activity through phone or online surveys.

How is this data used?

Panel data allows understanding of the behavior of users on voice technology platforms, as well as the ways these behaviors might move beyond voice. Whether it be voice shopping, the most requested songs or podcasts, or the most used voice applications, our panel provides deep insights into consumer discovery, behavior, and interests. For example, our panel data allows marketers to see how customers search and discover a product and build a shopping list, providing a view into their purchasing decisions on voice or elsewhere.

What panels do we offer?

Pulse Labs has two panels: our measurement panel and our testing panel. Our voice consumer behavior insights rely on Conversationally, while our testing and optimization data comes from our Pulse Panel.

Measurement Panel

Understand consumer behavior on voice with the only voice activity panel

Whether you are a marketer, product designer, or strategist, you can gain insights into how consumers adopt and engage with voice devices. Our panel delivers a complete view of a consumer’s voice experience, be it how voice technology impacts product search and discovery, consumption habits, brand attitudes, trends, or media consumption. This representative panel offers unmatched insights into consumer behavior and emerging trends on voice platforms.

Testing Panel

A select and vetted group of voice technology users who provide detailed feedback on voice experiences

Whether you are just starting your app development journey or are weeks from release, our testing panel can explore your voice application and provide candid feedback about what worked, and what needs to be improved. We carefully screen this group on their persistence and ability to give clear, articulate, and representative feedback. We can also customize groups to meet specific demographic needs so you can make sure the people who test your app meet your target user profile.

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