Our Suite of Platforms is Your Go-to Set of Insights

People are complex. Technology is complex. That's why Pulse Labs applies a variety of research platforms to reveal how people and technology work together, both your technology and your rivals'.

Camera: A Video is Worth 1,000 Surveys

Pulse Labs places cameras into the actual environments in which consumers and technology engage.

Clarity and Granularity

Video capture removes the ambiguity associated with flat research. Your see actual consumers in real environments.

Naturalistic, Not Contaminated

Pulse Labs cameras are applied to actual human environments, to capture natural interactions. We do not use in-place moderators to avoid contaminating results.

Voice: Hear Consumers in their Own Words

Brands use voice technology to simplify how consumers engage with technology. People differ, voices differ, dialects differ. Pulse Labs voice insights let you in on the conversation.

Crystal Clear Insights

Hearing the actual conversation between people and machines as captured by Pulse Labs eliminates the guesswork associated with trying to interpret flat research, such as surveys.

Insights Without the Noise

Pulse Labs captures consumer voice engagements in real-world conditions. That eliminates research noise associated with moderators and in-lab conditions.

Coming 2023!

Social Dynamics: Consumers' Social Posts are their Sense of Truth

With today's variety of social platforms, consumers are more willing than ever to share their views and opinions--and those are valuable.

There's always a motivation behind every social post

Pulse Labs social dynamics capabilities are the next best thing to reading consumers' minds.

Social elements as a Complement

Using consumers' "sense of truth" is a great way to add new context to other Pulse Labs insights.

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