Smart Technologies

The endpoints for consumer interactions with connected technology are expanding from the personal computer (and even the mobile phone) into devices available everywhere that people are. With Pulse Labs, researchers and product managers can be there with them. The Pulse Labs data acquisition platform provides an unprecedented view into user interactions with all types of technology—wherever that technology may be.

The interaction data is combined and analyzed with proprietary machine learning models that identify and surface key activities of interest—allowing researchers and product managers to quickly find the interactions they need and the contexts in which they occur. With Pulse Labs, researchers don’t need to waste hours or days looking through data to find what they need. This saves time and money while accelerating product improvement and development cycles.

At home and on the go, Pulse Labs is there for you

Whether it's with cameras configured around key technological touchpoints in the home, monitoring systems that unintrusively track consumer interactions with their mobile phones, or custom integrations with wearable devices that go wherever users go, Pulse Labs can record and understand how real people interact with smart technology.



The Pulse Labs platform records data from user interactions with key home technology touch points by using cameras unintrusively configured in the home.



The Pulse Labs platform can record all user interactions with their mobile phone, providing a complete view into user behavior on this device.



The Pulse Labs platform can track and report on user interactions with wearable devices through custom integrations with these devices and their software.

Multi-dimensional analysis of naturalistic data

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