Pulse Labs STC™ Makes Your Smart Tech Smarter

Pulse STC™ knows “a video is worth over 1,000 surveys” Our Smart Tech Camera™ (STC) platform provides the richest humanized views possible of how people and technology engage.

We use machine learning to quickly turn that intelligence into Categorized Behavioral Elements™ (CBE’s) and make those easily accessible via our Power Portal™. Fast, detailed, easy, accessible.

Smart Prioritization Drives Smart Tech ROI

A leading smart technology brand had to make a $11.3M decision:

It had three options for major enhancements to increase competitiveness. Pulse Labs STC™ benchmarked the competition to find out which one of the three options the competition offered, executed well, and were considered important by their customers. This was pivotal in our client making the right decision.

STC™ Informs the Entire Product Lifecycle with Rich, Humanized Insights

Product Development & Testing

Sales & Training Materials

Success of OTA Updates

New Tech Competitive Context

Safety & Tech Issue Detection

Support Service & Guidance

New Rival Competitive Context

Vehicle Product Development & Testing
Vehicle Sales & Training Materials
Vehicle Success of OTA Updates
Vehicle New Tech Competitive Context
Vehicle Safety & Tech Issue Detection
Vehicle Support Service & Guidance
Vehicle New Rival Competitive Context
Value of Knowing First

A smartwatch maker recently recalled nearly a million units, at a total cost of over $300M. If, using STC™, that brand had found the issue just 10% sooner, it could have saved $30M in costs and reduced damage to brand equity.

STC™ is the Antidote for Research Compression

“Research Comression” is the result of rapid-fire technology deployed so quickly that pre-launch research time is compressed. More decisions in less time. STC™ is the cure: it’s richer, faster, and humanized. CBE’s™ ensure clear action plans. Our Power Portal™ means quick, easy, and reassuring access.

Confused Customers Not Happy Customers

A leading smart appliance maker’s “cutting edge” icon-driven interface was too confusing without a manual, driving higher customer support costs and social media posts. Pulse Labs STC™ helped identify simple updates based on benchmarked best-in-class comparisons. These can help reduce customer support expenses, speed up sales, and drive loyalty.

STC™ Reveals Where You Stand in the New World Order of Satisfaction

Your customers will be talking about their experiences: Was the UX clear or confusing? Delightful or frustrating? Where do your products and technologies fall on this spectrum?

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When you really understand the Voice of the Customer, that knowledge can influence everything from marketing to product development to marketplace dynamics.

— Abhishek Singhal

Neato Robotics

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