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Alexa Skills in 2018 were tested by Pulse Labs panelists

Business Insider Top Skill List, Dec 2018

Build seamless voice experiences

Test your voice apps at any stage in development.You’ll receive in-depth information from usability testing sessions, including interaction transcripts and audio, at a level of detail unavailable anywhere else in the industry.

Create test and select users

Specify what you want tested. Create simple, yet effective surveys that are integrated into the testing session. Select your desired demographics of testers, or upload your own set of testers.

Users take voice tests

Users can take tests on Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices, or directly in the browser. Users will annotate their transcripts and answer your specified post-test survey questions.

Get actionable feedback

Receive audio and transcripts for sessions along with detailed visual reports so you can make better decisions about product development, marketing, and planning.

Who are Pulse Labs panelists?

Danielle Frimer

“Thank you for all of the work you do. It’s really, really valuable to know we can rely on someone for the piece of the puzzle that we don’t have in house. It’s great to have confidence in a partner who does it so well.”

Danielle Frimer

Head of Conversation Design, Xandra


“We get quality results from Pulse Labs that offer new insights for us and our clients - helping us make important decisions. Our work with them has involved both the validation of product ideas, and the verification of product readiness. They've offered exemplary service, and have always helped us solve problems with a flexible and creative approach. Pulse Labs makes things work, adapting to our needs - it's one of the reasons we keep coming back.”

Matthew Calamatta

Chief Technology Officer, Matchbox Mobile


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