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You need unparalleled and comprehensive consumer insights to propel remarkable product experiences. With Pulse Labs you can easily measure and benchmark relevant interactions, sentiments, and end-to-end experiences from authentic consumers. All within their natural environments in the car, at home, and on the go.

Our Customers

We’ve conducted research for over 150 top consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Tesla infotainment screen from drivers perspective for remote user testing

In-vehicle Experiences

The car is an extension of the driver and we’re at the forefront of in-car driver experiences. Accelerate the usability of your connected car applications and platforms by understanding what real drivers do with intelligent interfaces.

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Mobile phone sitting on a desk next to a laptop computer for app user testing


Evolve your mobile experiences into consumer-centric masterpieces. Increase your ability to deliver on consumer needs and, in return, the demand and adoption of your mobile products and website.

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Google phones and Amazon echo mini sitting next to each other ready for live user testing

Smart Technologies

Be in the know on the ways real people want and need to interact with smart devices. Tap into real world insights to help expand your product experiences.

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What We Offer

Let us help you easily implement research plans leaving you to champion intuitive consumer experiences by executing on unequivocal data-driven iteration.

Standard Studies

Set performance tasks across a limited timeframe to quickly surface bugs and gauge the initial learnability of your product , consumer reactions, and more.

Longitudinal Studies

Run studies across time and extrapolate insights like everyday habits, learning curves, and product “stickiness” that participants may not even notice.

Competitive Benchmarking

Drill down into product performance gaps and improve by gaining an independent perspective of how you stack up against your competitors.

Qualitative + Quantitative Data

Access your desired panel or cohort audience easily with our verified and vetted marketplace or bring your own participants.

Quality Participants

Access your desired panel or cohort audience easily with our verified and vetted marketplace or bring your own participants.

Unrestrained Feedback

Receive authentic insights from panelists that are candid, spontaneous, and structured as well as organic.

Actionable, shareable reports

Meet your end goals by acquiring relevant findings and data easily. Then, confidently synthesize them with your team.

Multivariate and A/B Testing

Qualitative studies can find bigger issues that short-term studies may neglect. Measure performance differences and resolve trade-offs.

Targeted Research

Hone in on your research objectives with targeted critical user journey questions and get feedback on the specific interactions you care about.

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