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1. Sign up

1. Sign up

Create your account and take a brief demographic survey so we can start finding studies you may qualify for.

2. Practice Study

2. Practice Study

You’ll next take a brief practice study, which will introduce you to our research tools and ensure you’re a good Pulse Champion™ fit.

Complete Studies

3. Screening Surveys

3. Screening Surveys

Once you you're approved, we'll start sending you screening surveys to see whether you match specific study requirements.

4. Research Studies

4. Research Studies

When you’re a match for a study, you’ll be notified and can find more details on the study in our Power Portal™.

5. Get Paid

5. Get Paid

We pay via PayPal once you've completed all required parts of a study and we've reviewed. That typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Types of Studies



Some of the world's most innovative technology is in vehicles. For our Automotive Studies, you'll use our In-Car Camera™ solution to record how easy or challenging it is to engage with your vehicle, including voice commands and using the touchscreen.



Mobile devices give us the world at our fingertips. For our Mobile studies, you'll record your phone's screen while you interact with apps, voice assistants, or other mobile technologies.


Smart Technology

Smart Devices should make our lives simpler and easier. For our Smart Device studies, you'll use your phone's camera or our Transcript Generator to record interactions with smart speakers, smart watches, smart TVs, etc.

Your Role in Evolution

As a Pulse Champion™, your opinion has the potential to influence how millions of people engage with technology and products from major brands.

Who Makes a Good Pulse Champion™?

Good technology should make everyone's life better. That's why we need Champions in all locations and from all backgrounds, ages, and orientations. And we need Champions will all levels of technology savvy--from beginner to advanced.

Pulse Champions™ tell their stories

As a panelist for Pulse Labs I feel like I am contributing to the future of customer care. Knowing that voice applications provide a wonderful way for customers to connect and discover products at their pace, really brings me great satisfaction! Providing honest feedback keeps everyone in the loop and creates a total win for the next generation of human-computer interaction.
John M.
The tests are actually really fun and interesting and I love being able to have a say in what works and what doesn’t work with various skills. It is cool to be able to hear about new skills and content before it is released to the public and know that you are potentially impacting the skills by voicing your opinions.
Karla F.
I never feel as though I’m doing work when I’m testing for Pulse Labs. They select tests that are not only relevant to you, but are genuinely enjoyable and a pleasure to take part in. How many places pay you to have your children dancing along to songs with you, pit yourself against others in quiz shows, or trying to survive in a choose your own adventure?
Oliver G.


What makes a great Pulse Champion™?

Pulse Champions™ are real people who are excited about new technologies and eager to give substantive, critical, and constructive feedback on technology including smart devices, technology in vehicles, wearables, mobile applications, in-home technology and voice assistants. Their input helps change the technology world.

What do Pulse Champions™ do?

Pulse Champions™ provide the fuel that powers leading brands to make their products better. They do that by sharing their insights and experiences with technology. This usually includes recording videos and taking surveys. Pulse client brands then use those to make important business decisions. You can see an example here on The Pulse YouTube Channel.

How does the process work?

  • We match your background with the study needs from our clients. If you match, you’ll be invited to participate in a study. Sometimes that requires completing a screening survey first.

  • Your study invitation will include all the details of the study (timing, how long, how complex, how many tasks, and so on).

  • You decide whether you want to participate. Some studies are shorter (15-60 minutes), others may be multi-day or multi-week. Each study is typically based on one or more fairly simple tasks. Because there are separate tasks, you don’t have to complete a study all at once, which makes it easier to fit into your schedule.

  • If you choose a study, read all instructions thoroughly before starting.

  • You complete one or more tasks. In some cases, this will involve using a camera we provide; in other instance it may simply require recording something on your phone.

  • You will provide detailed and candid feedback about your experience based on how easy it was to complete the task, how many attempts it took, your satisfaction and other feedback—including how you think the experience or technology could be improved.

  • You share your insights and upload things like any camera files using our Champions™ Dashboard. That’s password-protected to protect everyone’s privacy.

  • We appreciate (and pay the most!) when you provide substantive, clear, and critical responses while using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Is this a full time job?

No, being a Pulse Labs Champions™ is not a full-time job. However, it is a great way to earn some extra spending money and influence tomorrow’ technology!

How do I engage with Pulse Labs and studies?

Pulse Labs Champions™ create accounts on the Champions Dashboard with an email and password. Once you create an account, you log in to see available studies, see your progress on a study you’re already participating in, learn about payment status and more.

What technology do I need to participate in studies?

  • You need access to a laptop or desktop computer with a Chrome web browser to be able to enter your insights. You can install Chrome here if you don’t already have it.

  • You need to own the specific type of device or technology the study is addressing. Those vary study by study and are listed in study invitations.

  • You need to live in the country of interest. Those vary study by study and are listed in study invitations.

How much do studies pay?

  • We know your time and insights are valuable. So study payments vary based on study duration and complexity, and of course on the quality of your feedback. Short, simple studies may pay $10 - $50 while longer and more involved studies may pay $50 - $100 per week. We also pay bonuses for exceptional feedback!

  • All studies will be reviewed for quality assurance, and we may reduce your payment if you did not follow instructions, attempt all tasks, provide thorough feedback, or complete your study.

How many studies can I take?

  • Most Pulse Labs panelists will receive multiple invitations monthly. You can take as many studies as you have time for and for which you qualify. Qualifications are typically set by our customers and are designed to help them best answer their business questions.

  • Watch your email for invitations for screening surveys and study invitations! These opportunities are also shown on the Pulse Labs Panelist Dashboard once you log in.

  • When you get an email invitation or see a study on the Panelist Dashboard, act quickly. Our clients want to answer their business questions quickly, so studies are usually open for only a limited time and tend to fill up quickly.

  • Reminder that compensation is based on a review of participation quality, so give yourself enough time to thoroughly complete a given study.

How and when will I be paid?

  • You are paid via PayPal for a given study after we complete a quality assurance review of your responses for that study. This is usually 2-3 weeks after the study ends.

  • If you do not already have a PayPal account, you will need to create a personal PayPal account. Pulse Labs often pays PayPal fees, though on some cases PayPal may take a few cents from your earnings.

I have more questions. How can I get answers?

  • All questions are good questions and we’re happy to help! You can reach our support team by using the Panelist Portal. You can also send your questions to

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