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“As a panelist for Pulse Labs I feel like I am contributing to the future of customer care. Knowing that voice applications provide a wonderful way for customers to connect and discover products at their pace, really brings me great satisfaction! Providing honest feedback keeps everyone in the loop and creates a total win for the next generation of human-computer interaction.”

John M.

“The tests are actually really fun and interesting and I love being able to have a say in what works and what doesn’t work with various skills. It is cool to be able to hear about new skills and content before it is released to the public and know that you are potentially impacting the skills by voicing your opinions.”

Karla F.

“I never feel as though I’m doing work when I’m testing for Pulse Labs. They select tests that are not only relevant to you (or your family), but are genuinely enjoyable and a pleasure to take part in. How many places pay you to have your children dancing along to songs with you, pit yourself against others in quiz shows, or trying to survive in a choose your own adventure?”

Oliver G.

What you’ll need to be a panelist

You will need a desktop or laptop computer with the Chrome web browser. You will also need an Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled smartspeaker OR the Alexa or Google Assistant app on your smartphone.

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The sign up process is simple and takes about 20 minutes. We’ll ask you some questions to get to know you.


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Learn what it’s like to test skills on our platform and get approved to become an official Pulse Labs panelist.


Test Skills

You’ll get invited to all the tests you qualify for and then you get to take them. How cool is that?


Get Rewarded

Payment amounts can vary between $10-$70, based on test duration, complexity, and the quality of your feedback.


What exactly do Pulse Labs panelists do?

Our testers are invited to interact with a variety of voice applications through our web platform. In most cases, you’ll be asked to navigate naturally through the voice application, try asking certain questions, then provide feedback about your experience.

Is this a full time job?

No. Pulse Labs testing is not a full time job. It is, however, a way to earn some extra spending money from your home.

How often will I be invited to test?

We usually send out testing invitations via email a few times a week. Act quickly, as tests open for a limited time and close when we have all the responses we need.

How much do tests pay?

Payment varies between $10-$100, depending on test duration and complexity. Shorter tests that take 15-60 minutes range from $10-$20. Complex or multi-day tests can pay up to $100. Please note that all test sessions go through a quality assurance review, and payment may be reduced for low-quality tests where instructions were not followed, or if survey feedback was not thorough enough. We also pay bonuses for exceptional feedback!

How and when will I be paid?

Payments are sent out via Paypal​ about 7-10 business days after test completion. If you do not already have one,​ you will need to create a Paypal​ account in order to receive payment. Paypal fees are usually covered by Pulse Labs, but in rare cases, these fees may take a few cents off of your earnings.

How can I make sure my tests meet your quality standards?

• Test whether your equipment is working properly. If Alexa or Google can't hear you, they can't reply!
• Always read instructions thoroughly before each test and make sure to follow directions regarding what we'd like you to ask.
• Take a moment to think honestly about what the app did well and how it could be improved before you write your feedback. We’re paying you for substantive, critical, and thoughtful responses.

What do I need to be a panelist?

We’re looking for testers who are excited about new voice technologies and eager to give substantive, critical, and constructive feedback about new voice applications.

You’ll need the following equipment:

• You will need a desktop or laptop computer with the Chrome web browser
• An Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled smartspeaker OR the Alexa or Google Assistant app on your smartphone

Sounds like me! When can I get started?

Right away! You can sign up to join our tester panel here.

Help! I’m logged in but can’t find any information about my tests!

That’s perfectly normal! We’re working on adding test and payment tracking information as soon as we can! We’ll let you know when this happens, but for now, please continue to look for test invitations and payment notifications in your email inbox.

More questions?

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